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UC-Rising does it's best to facilitate movement between Ursinus College (Collegeville, PA) and Philadelphia.  UC-Rising does this by facilitating students attendance to events and involvement in programs in Philadelphia, and by welcoming visitors from all over the United States and beyond.  See below for help in moving between Ursinus and Philadelphia.
Guests visiting Ursinus for a UC-Rising event can contact hospitality@uc-rising.info for reception information.
tips for ...
Navigating Center City

1 :: The numbered streets run north and south, parallel to Broad Street & the waterfront.

2 :: With the exception of Broad Street, the numbered streets are one-way streets. East of Broad, the even-numbered streets run south & the odd run north. West of Broad, this switches.

3 :: Broad Street is 14th Street. It runs straight through the city, splitting it east and west, broken in half by City Hall at the heart of Center City.

4 :: Market Street runs east and west, with City Hall on the spot sitting where it crosses Broad Street.

5 :: South Street runs parallel to Market, & is about 11-12 blocks south of Market. Most of the east-west streets between Market & South are tree names, like Walnut, Spruce, and Pine.
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public (septa)

The main public transportation system in and around Philadelphia is SEPTA. SEPTA's system includes buses, trains, subways, and trolleys. Schedules for the different routes can be found online on SEPTA's website, in paper form at malls & transportation centers, or by phone. Dial 215-580-7800, then press zero to speak to a SEPTA operator, and ask them for times or any other information. Whenever riding SEPTA, or going downtown at all, it is a good idea to have this number in your phone, just in case.

When catching the bus, be sure to be at the stop at least a few minutes early---it is not uncommon for buses to come and leave earlier than their scheduled time.


Buses, trolleys and the subway cost $2.00, and transfers are 75¢. Transfers allow you to get on a second bus, trolley or subway that connects to your first route. Occasionally, a bus driver may also charge you zone, which is 50¢. Dollar bills can be used, but you need exact change.

Tokens may be used in the place of the $2.00, and they only cost $1.30 each. You can buy them at transportation centers (or small SEPTA ticket offices), many cornerstores & gas stations, and from token machines in the subway. To petition to have them provided for free to Ursinus students, vote here.

Train ticket prices vary. Round-trip tickets to Philly are generally around $5 (give or take, depending on location & time).

Ursinus → Philly

Catch the 93 bus on Main Street. It stops at 9th, 5th, and right across the street from the arched 'Ursinus' sign that leads to the library. Check the schedule for the times. Take this bus to Norristown Transportation Center. Once there, cross the tracks through the underpass and wait for the R6 trainClick here for the schedule. This train will take you into Philadelphia. The last four stops are the most popular.

The Temple University stop is about 20-25 blocks north of Market Street (City Hall). The Market East Station is the most popular, because it is between City Hall and the waterfront (closer to City Hall), connected to the Gallery (large urban mall), the Convention Center, Reading Terminal, and is the closest stop to South Street. Suburban Station is about the same distance from City Hall as Market East, but is on the other side of City Hall. Finally, 30th Street Station is actually not in Center City, but in University City. It is the stop for those wishing to visit Drexel/UPenn. For more tips on getting around downtown, see box to the right.

Philly → Ursinus

Catch the R6 train at any one of the aforementioned downtown stops (just make sure it's headed out to Norristown) and get off at the Norristown Transportation Center. When you leave the train station, the Transportation Center is right in front of you and the 93 bus stop is on the near side of the building, all the way to the left. Catch the 93 bus all the way back up to Ursinus College.


Coming out of Ursinus College, turn left on Main St.
0.6 miles
Turn right onto 2nd Ave/PA-29. Continue to follow PA-29.
2.4 miles
Merge onto US-422 E toward King of Prussia.
8.6 miles
Merge onto I-76 E via the exit on the left toward Philadelphia.
17.7 miles
Keep left to take Vine St. Expy/ I-676 E / US-30 E via exit 344 toward Central Philadelphia.
0.7 miles
Take the exit toward Broad St./Central Philadelphia.
0.2 miles
Take the 15th St. ramp toward CENTRAL PHILA.

< 0.1 miles
You will be in Center City, with City Hall directly in front of you.