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Support Rising Sons ... and get a fly t-shirt while you're at it!
Buy a BearTreks 2011 t-shirt and 100% of the profits get fed back into the community through Rising Sons' programs.  Pick one (or more) of the designs below by February 18th to guarantee that you will receive your t-shit.  Ordering after February 18th may result in you having to pick from an alternate design or opting for a full refund.

But instead ...

We'd like to provide BearTreks 2011 t-shirts for you to purchase, but the price for us to print t-shirts is directly proportional to the number of t-shirts we print.  So to ensure that you and our budget come out in the best possible position, we offer you a deal:

  1. Observe the designs below.
  2. Donate $20 per t-shirt, specifying the design and shirt size you'd like to have.
  3. If ...
    1. the price of more than 30 shirts is donated, you get your shirts and $5 back.
    2. the price of 12 or more shirts is donated, you get your shirts.
    3. if less than the cost of 12 shirts is donated, you will get 100% of our donation refunded.
To donate/order a shirt, e-mail beartreks@uc-rising.info.