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BearTreks (2/26)

let's unite to celebrate our differences
BearTreks is an annual event that Mubarak Lawrence began in February of 2010 at Ursinus College.  The event was named in recognition of how far the school (whose mascot is a grizzly bear) has come with regards to issues of diversity and awareness of racial issues.  The name also has significance in that the event begins with the 'Unity Walk', in which we all march across campus together.  BearTreks is an unconventional way to honor Black History Month, because it does not focus on any one group.  Instead, it intends to unite us in recognition and celebration of our differences.  The goal is to permeate all lines that delineate race, gender, and other standards of categorization, and also to encourage self-pride and recognize that each individual has the potential to be beautifully unique.

BearTreks begins with Unity Walk to show our pride in one another.   Then we proceed inside to the celebration, where we proclaim our individuality and express pride in ourselves.  BearTreks unites the campus and the community by drawing attention to, and rejoicing in, our differences.  Think of BearTreks as a mosaic, where human solidarity is the cement, and culture and individuality embellish it like colored glass and gemstones.

all are welcome!

BearTreks focuses on uniting Ursinus students, faculty and staff (and the extended Collegeville community).  But this is only a focused example of a message to the entire American society, and all members of the general public.  We welcome visitors, and you can contact hospitality@uc-rising.info for reception information.  Philadelphians can find transportation information here.

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February 26, 2011

3:30 PM - Unity Walk
Unity House WLL
The Unity Walk begins at Unity House (the white house next to Corson) with a few words of inspiration.  Join us at any time as we march along the road, passing BPS and then between North and New Halls. We will swing left onto the red-and-gray-brick path in front of the gym and left again in front of BPS, to proceed into WLL.
4 PM - Celebration
In WLL (Wismer Lower Lounge), we will enjoy presentations, performances and refreshments.  

Both the march and the celebration are open to the public.
Send questions to beartreks@uc-rising.info.
Alex Peay,
Apr 16, 2016, 12:15 PM