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Put Your Ones Up

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Rising Sons appreciates any and all donations.  All donations are tax-deductable, and go directly towards the development of Rising Sons, team member development , various community projects and educational programs, A monetary donation is the easiest way for you to support our mission. Donate now!

Businesses and individuals may also make arrangements to make inkind contributions (i.e. clothes, food, toys, and services) for certain programs and community projects.  View the details of the programs and community projects  to find per-program contribution instructions.


We need manpower to successfully implement most of our programs, so volunteering is an excellent way to help.  Inquire about volunteer opportunities by sending an e-mail to


Does your neighborhood or organization need have a problem or need that you would Rising Sons to address? Tell us about it!


Rising Sons internship puts bright, motivated high school graduates in a position of privilege, to be at the forefront of their generation in achieving success and effecting change.  Click here to learn more.