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We believe if you do what you love; you’ll never work a day in your life, why not also help others too?With a void in programs focused on the passion, and talents  of young adults ages 18-35 , we provide a workforce and economic development program that focuses on the passion of young people in order to tackle disparities within disadvantaged communities. Rising Sons encourages our members to seek, identify and pursue their future professional passions through rigorous personal/professional development while rebuilding the communities they live in.   

 Our Mission

Rising Sons mission is to hone in the skills, talents and passion of young adults ages 18-35 to transform disadvantage communities.  We believe if you do what you love, you’ll  never work another day in your life; but why not do what you love while also helping others?  Rising Sons help our members find seek and pursue their future endeavors through their personal attributes while rebuilding the communities they live in.

Our Vision

To Build economic prosperity in disadvantaged communities. Rising Sons believe that education and career achieve is important, however, in order to sustain or achievements for ourselves and our communities, there is a need for economic development within low income communities. Although there are many who have  came from these neighbors and achieve economic wealth, they have left their neighborhoods sustainable contributions to assist the community in which they came from. Rising Sons plans on creating generational wealth that with transform these neighborhoods into thriving communities.