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Rising Sons began on February 12th, 2007 as a small discussion group within the Black and Latino male population on the campus of Ursinus College.   It was created to address the lack of support and unity among underprivileged minorities at Ursinus College.   The intention was to build leaders, begin an open sense of community, promote “brotherhood”, enhance social and professional skills and expound upon one’s perspective of self-worth and capability. We pursued community service, campus events, fundraisers, and collective academic success as means of supporting each other and affecting our environment in ways that favored our needs and desires.

As the group began to develop and acquire more members, the focus also began to change. The members saw the potential of the group to be a positive force in the community and began to develop outreach programs such as feeding the homeless in Center City, Philadelphia, clothing and canned food drives, and sponsoring a holiday extravaganza for young children residing in nearby impoverished neighborhoods.